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Australian online dating agencies

You would think that Federal Parliament, with 226 members, each with an average of five staff , adding up to nearly 0 million in salaries alone, would be bristling with well-researched policy ideas.If the Productivity Commission looked at Federal Parliament, its report would read like that to the parents of a recalcitrant schoolboy truant – too busy teasing other kids to get on with solid schoolwork.Some of the amazing antics of Australian politicians over the years include being found without pants in a US hotel lobby, holding beer drinking world records, assault, sex offences, jail time, completely disappearing, lying (to be expected), paying hookers with work credit cards, the F bomb on live TV, and a north Queensland Mayor lived for years comfortably on grid electricity while blocking access to electricity for his constituents around him who had to live with candles, kero lamps and generators as if they were in sub-Saharan Africa and not Australia!And as another illustration on how bizarre the world of politics is; in March 2012 it was announced that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was seeking to become and Australian senator, the fact that he was under house arrest and facing jail time depending the outcome of ongoing investigations is legally no impediment to him becoming an Australian politician!Amanda Eloise Vanstone was born on 7 December 1952 in Adelaide and was a Liberal Senator for South Australia from 1984 to 2007, elected as the youngest member at age 32.In 1996 she was the only woman in John Howard's cabinet.He was also admitted to The Alfred hospital but soon after he dashed from a back exit to a waiting car, he also resigned from portfolio responsibilities as spokesperson for the arts, consumer affairs and youth affairs ( though did not give up any pay entitlements).Together with Jim Forbes, his secretary and gay lover that shares his farm house and office, the pair kept raking in 0,000.- p.a..

Click here for more info on his strong record on human rights and social justice issues, animal rights and the environment or visit his official website for more info.Mark Latham tried by by recruiting rock singer Peter Garrett, but was unsuccesful in getting other well known Aussies on board.Never mind, our current pollies are entertaining enough, and below you will find a selection of retired, fired, current, wanna be, and wanted to be politicians.......In December 2003 this Australian Democrats leader made the headlines after he had a few drinks and, inside the federal parliamentary chamber in Canberra, assaulted and abused Liberal senator Jeannie Ferris, calling her a f#*&#! The argument was over a few bottles of wine allegedly taken from a Christmas party.After this he decided to take eight weeks off work to dry out for which he was paid 000,- Andrew spent December 2003 not drinking but in December 2004 he also decided to stop eating and joined Iranian refugees that were about to be deported in a hunger strike.

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