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However, preservation of the dead body was not only important for royalty; ordinary people had to be preserved after death also and were often buried in simpler ways.It’s just that royalty and those who held high positions (overseers and nobles) possessed greater wealth that enabled them to construct more elaborate and grandiose places of burial befitting their ‘god-like’ status.A popular idea is that ancient people in the past were more primitive or less intelligent.And since the mainstream dates assigned to Egyptian history go back over 7,000 years (around 5,000 ) to alleged ‘proto-dynastic’ and ‘pre-dynastic’ periods, many wonder how Egyptian culture became so advanced, so quickly.

Ancient Egyptians believed that one’s body, image, and name needed to be preserved in this world after death in order for them to enter and exist in the eternal realm.The most popular and widely read book in human history, the Bible, also has a lot to say about Egypt.Most people are familiar with the accounts of Abraham’s sojourn, Joseph’s rise to influence and the formation of the nation of Israel via the Exodus.These were, in reality, just magnificent tombs forming part of a massive necropolis complex.Pharaohs encouraged the idea that they were living incarnations of, or even born of, the deities that were worshipped in those days.

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Hopefully this article will help us realize that the issue is not as cut and dried as the secular community sometimes presents it.