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Neither the Negroes nor the Laplanders have the sense of the Europeans.Rousseau also makes it clear that the child to be educated should be healthy in body and mind because if they rely on the medical profession for anything, they will ‘unlearn to die’ (p.57). I am not able to teach living to one who thinks of nothing but how to keep himself alive.

Let him know only that he is weak and you are strong, that by his condition and yours he is necessarily at your mercy. Let his haughty head at an early date feel the harsh yoke which nature imposes on man, the heavy yoke of necessity in things, never in the caprice of men.

*This is the first in a series of posts examining some of the foundational assumptions/ideas/theories used to justify recent educational debates/policy directions and despite the appearance of respecting knowledge, there exists a form of anti-knowledge and anti-intellectualism propelling discussions and reform. Inspired by a book on education which had, “all the power of novelty, as well as all the charms of eloquence”, Richard Lovell Edgeworth was determined to raise his young son based on what he understood as the truths within its pages.

Freedom, the outdoors and practical learning were the order of the day: rules and learning by heart were to be rejected.

In order to bring about Sabrina’s ‘Spartan’ qualities, a necessary feature in a Day’s wish list for a wife, he poured dripping hot wax on the neck and arms of the then thirteen-year-old. Eventually, Day gave up his educational plan and sent Sabrina off to boarding school. The book that inspired these two men in their educational endeavours was Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s as a guidebook on curriculum or pedagogy led to monumental failure.

This should not be surprising, for Rousseau never intended it as such.

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A Frenchman can live in Guinea and in Lapland; but a Negro will not live likewise in Torne [Sweden], nor a Sayomed in Benin.