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Why would anyone become an aggressor, if he/she can sympathize with the victim you may say!The American civil rights movement of black people had white people who sympathized with them, his counter example.I think I said or read this before: the only reason we believe in God is because we are not 100% sure that He exists.

It is a constitution premised on the assumption that the living are here to serve the dead and not the other way round, where the dead sacrificed to serve the living.The underlying premise in his argument is that once we let go of subjectivity, objectively driven reality should take us to the optimum solution (which by definition is always good) much more efficiently than by hammering and chiseling our way out. Zeru, brilliant writers who deserve utmost respect.Here the difference between the subjective and objective is that the first is made up and a social construction that can be reconstructed at will, while the second is governed by natural laws from the Lord where only the selfless go to heaven. I guess I am not alone in confusing the names though.To the slacktivists in the comments section, all I can say is ‘kibret yihabelna’.If one of you kids gets the message please pass to daddy & mommy when they come home.

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The idea here is to express gratitude for the efforts behind the great articles that grace Awate all the time, especially the more recent ones starting with the beautiful Dawit Mesfin and ending with my favorite Amanuel Hidrat.

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