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I began to learn how to play in an orchestra and how to play in different genres and then I became interested in composing and arranging, neither of which were in the curriculum of the ENA at that time I don't know if they are now.I would always watch friends who played guitar and I would watch how they would play chord changes with their left hand.The pop music I learned at that time was offered to me by my mother and my uncle, Guillermo Barreto, deceased now for 8 years.The recordings we had were fourth and fifth generation.He liked the way I interpreted Cuban music and he asked me to become one of the founders of NG La Banda. COM: Did any other members of the Tropicana Orchestra wind up with NG?PILOTO: No, but there were many great musicians in the group, for example Jesús Alemañy of Cubanismo and Angá. COM: What was the first song you ever wrote and how did it come about? I was very small I must have been in the 2nd or 3rd grade.

" She wanted to see if one of us would continue the lineage of composition.Giras: Noro y 1ra Clase Giras: Azúcar Negra Giras: Havana D'Primera Giras: Revé, Orquesta Grupos: Orquesta Revé : Músicos Giras: Mayimbe, Barbaro Fines y su Orq... : Músicos - Members Giras: Van Van, Los Giras: Buena Fe Grupos: Barbaro Fines y su Orquesta May... I graduated from la ENA with an overall classical education, but it was frustrating for me because at that time there was no Cuban percussion in the schools.Grupos: Azúcar Negra : Músicos Giras: Papucho & Manana Club Giras: Maykel Blanco y Salsa Mayor Giras: Bamboleo by Kevin Moore and Barbara Valladares . The school did not allow the practicing of popular music.We wanted a new style something that no one else was doing. COM:"Consejo a una Amiga" PILOTO: Tony Perez, the pianist we had at that time, brought in the phrase [sings] "recógete el pelo que me das en la cara", and I said "man that is some good stuff, that really works and he said "yeah it works well just yesterday I was singing it to a girl and she said it stayed in her head all night long".In Cuba this phrase doesn't mean what it's literally saying--"hang onto your hair, it's hitting me in the face".

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After la ENA, I had a chance to dedicate some time to playing sports.

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