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Sexy losers webcomics

” I understand that some people out there have huge trouble talking to the opposite sex and therefore get all their knowledge second-hand from people who have slightly less trouble regarding conversation with women, but that's no excuse.

I've seen excellent artwork ruined completely by poor, stilted writing. Wrath Very simple sin to fall into: starting feuds with someone. I'm not quite sure if author feuds are as popular as they once were, so I'll instead mention the wrathful fans of many comics. And if you dare to pour some chlorine into the infested pool of webcomics, they shall rally like piranhas and attack with brilliant methods such as sucking up to the webcomic's author even harder, commenting with poorly-thought-out walls of text and yelling pathetic insults into the ether. What we get is the exact opposite – people trying to sycophant by saying things like “I'm so jealous of your talent, I draw so badly compared to you! I hope even the densest of you can appreciate why this is such a grave offense.And I mean a character beyond “tee-hee, I'm a nympho!Sometimes, one does come across people who are eaten up by jealousy to the extent that they steal art and put their own name on it.Those people are known as “veritable goldmines of drama” and my day feels brighter every time I stumble across one of them.

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And Clay isn't the only webcartoonist who currently has depression on the brain; it's also played a role in a wide range of comics like , which launched in September, are particularly resonant for me because as a teenager, I would spend my breaks from boarding school binging on my parents' dial-up connection and reading webcomics like Clay's .

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